How much does cover cost?

The rates per child are as follows:
Compulsory Scheme (Where all pupils of the school are included)
24 Hour Cover € 8.90 per pupil
School Related Activities only € 5.30 per pupil
Optional Scheme (List of pupils participating required)
24 Hour Cover € 10.10 per pupil
School Related Activities only € 6.50 per pupil
Staff Scheme (All staff of the school must be included)
24 Hour Cover Not available
School Related Activities only € 7.20 per member

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What is the difference between School Related Activities only and 24 Hour cover?

School Related Activities only covers the child while travelling to or from or attending school or other School Activities e.g. School Sports, School Play etc.

The 24 Hour option covers the child 24 Hours a day 365 days a year

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What is the difference between the Optional and Compulsory Schemes?

Under the Optional Scheme the organiser gives parents the option of including their child in the scheme or not and may also give them the option as to what cover to take out i.e. 24 Hour or School Related Activities.

Under the Compulsory Scheme all children attending the School must be included and no option to opt out is allowed.

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If the school is running a Compulsory School Related Activities Scheme can some students, opt for the wider 24 Hour cover?

If the Scheme organisers are in agreement the students wishing to take out the 24 hour cover can do so at an additional cost of € 3.00 each. A list of students taking out the 24 hour cover must be submitted with the renewal application.

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If the scheme is run on a Compulsory basis is a list of students required?

No. A list of student is not required when the scheme is run on a compulsory basis.

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Is my child still covered if he / she leaves the school?

No. Under the School Personal Accident Scheme your child must be attending the school running the scheme.

Do we require a Scheme form completed for every child?

If the scheme is being run on an optional basis then a form must be completed for each child, however if the scheme is being run on a compulsory basis a scheme form is not required.

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Can a child under 2 ½ years be included in the scheme?

No. The scheme is only available to children attending the school and who are over the age of 2-years and 6 months.

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Can a Student who has been insured on the scheme be covered when they move on to third level?

No. The scheme cannot cover students once they have left the school.

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Can a pupil be included in the scheme after the cut off date?

If the scheme is arranged on a Compulsory basis then all new pupils will be covered automatically as soon as they join the school.

If however the scheme is on an optional basis pupils cannot be added until the next renewal of the scheme.

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The Scheme is due for renewal on the 1st of September how can we get our renewal application back by then when the school has only just started back?

The month of September is allowed as a month of grace for anyone who was previously insured on the scheme provided that we received the renewal application prior to the 30th of September, for any new students in the school cover commences from the time they pay the scheme organiser.

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Will you accept an application which is received by you after the 8th of November?

No the closing date for the scheme is the 8th of November and no application will be accepted after this date.

What is a policy excess? How will it apply?

A policy excess is a deduction from a claim settlement. In the case of Pupilcover, an excess of € 100 will be deducted for all non-school related claims. This excess will not be deducted where a claim has been made on Voluntary Health Insurance policy or club insurance policy where an excess is deducted from either policy.

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Does cover apply outside the Republic of Ireland?

No. Cover is restricted to the Republic of Ireland. For trips outside of the Republic of Ireland, we recommend that a travel insurance policy is arranged.

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